Quality Promise

The Reasons Why We Consistently Deliver Quality Appraisals

  • All appraisers must sign an agreement with Priority Appraisal USA
  • We pay our Appraisers customary & reasonable fees
  • We pay our Appraisers on a weekly basis (fair market price)
  • We don't broadcast orders to the cheapest appriasers
  • We assign local appraisers to do local assignments
  • We use certified appraisers for quality control & manual review peer to peer communication
  • We provide appraisal & technical support to all appraisers
  • Courteous and knowledgeable staff to answer all questions & provide clear, timely communication & support
  • Appraiser Independence - We manage the process to eliminate improper communication from Brokers & Loan Officers
  • Priority Appraisal USA is all about Quality
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